torsdag 24. september 2009


With a rent car we could travel a bit more around Merete and I. So we drove a bit early back to Starsbourg where we should leave the car and Merete showed me around in the town.

To tell you all…that women…she has a glued memoary :-) She had been here once some years a go going by bus….but she found the way around…I saw the Europeen Parlament

8864990[1]We saw the Cathedral of Strasbourg A master piece of a building

alsace 073 alsace 072

She showed me the “Petite of France”

where we had our lunch in a hot sun likking the rest of summer before we are heading back home

alsace 083

Thanks a lot for a wonderful trip Merete…and good luck with your trip with Hurtigruta…hope you wont be seasick!


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  1. Do you come often in france to visit it ?
    Yes Strasbourg is a nice place to visit: beautiful museums Did you visit any ?
    Thank you for your photos.

  2. Hei!! Joda jeg blogger!! Har faktisk stor glede av det!! Begynte i det små, men nå forteller jeg det til folk jeg vil skal se den!! Har vært mye i Brønnøysund og da hadde jeg litt mer tid enn det jeg har hjemme. Så hyggelig at du fant meg!! AnneK:-)

  3. I was there in 2001 and visited the Cathedral of Strasbourg. It is so amazing. I am still in awe of all of the exquisite architecture in Europe.


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