lørdag 10. oktober 2009

Me and my Lenni

I think we will become friends after all.

I snap the code today……….my under and over thread is working with me.

So today I have customquilted a bit and I tried a pantograph in two rows Wow I am good LOL

It looks like I never thouch a sewing machine and my leafes….well they  will look like leafes in time I hope……have a look……..

ny 004 ny 001 ny 002

Well I have to practice more………You know where I will be the rest of the day LOL

Have a nice weekend everyone and take care.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Bare kjør på Lise, dette blir bra. PPP hele tiden :D Det hjelper når du og Lenni blir skikkelig kjent!!

  2. Hi Lise, it looks great. I wish you so much fun with your Lenni. Happy quilting. Regards, Michaele.

  3. Dette får du nok dreisen på. Jeg synes det ser ut som om du er godt igang, og husk at Rom blei ikke bygd på en dag. Kos deg:-D.


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