tirsdag 7. juli 2009

My Angel Garden

I go this lovely pattern from Ann,through Stina, in Hatched and Patched,Australia when I had finished my Angel Story together with the other in the Angelclub.

I am going out for a little trip and had to start a new project so I can handstitch on the run….And I found this up. Of course I had to start…..so now I’ll pack it down before I finish it up before I go….. Thats me- can't stop because it is so fun to do!

I am in a Shabby Chick mode for the moment so all I do got white,creamy….some roses with a touch of pink and bit of green!

Inger Lise

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  1. Nydelig stitcheri, er det et stort teppe eller? Vil gjerne se detalj bilde av det hele:-)


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