lørdag 1. november 2008

My swap partner is Daisy Jayne, Marcia

All the way from South Australia these lovely wrap parcel arrived my mailbox today. The lovely woman that made this for me is my Secret Angle Marcia over at Daisy Jayne blog.
You know I stop up already with the paper the parcel was wrapped in…

Look it can be a beautiful quilt pattern…. And Marcia I already have your blog as a feeder and had left a comment on your blog about your parcel leaving your home LOL

I don’t know where to start unwrapping….

this is like early Christmastime….

I made a mosaic of all my parcels….enjoy them with me….

Some many thanks to you Marcia for all the time you used for me and every stitch you made.

This was more than I expected to land in my mailbox.

A lot of XOXOXOXOXOXOXO and thanks from a lucky and happy quilter in Norway.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Super duper lovely gifts...wow...they are really nice ones!! Lucky you!! :o)

  2. I just love the bag and all the goodies with the little dolls. What a wonderful gift.

  3. You have some really great gifts and things!

  4. Lise...so you are the lucky one to get Marc's gifts, I did admire them on her blog....enjoy...

  5. You are one lucky girl. They are all so nice :)

  6. Heldige deg sier jeg bare. Dette var lekkert!


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