torsdag 25. september 2008

Jewels from Alsace

Oh my, oh my what a trip…. Fabulous quilter friends and adventures it was. It was really hectic and hard day program, but I would not bee without it!!!!! Thanks Merete for lovely days. Next time Goteborg and then Birmingham…. OK?

I did some shopping … I think LOL and I will share some photo with you of my treasures Hold on!

This lady Sharon a lovely person….took photos of my pants (They are full of quiltfabric)I had to hold in my breath…LOL look at this wonderful scrapping with fabric in the frame. She shared a lot of ideas with me. I could stand there for hours.

This lovely works are made by M.Behrends-Kohl. She allowed me to take photo. She is making the must wonderful fabric of linen and handdyed with gold print on. You reach her here They are gorgeous for passepartouts.

Some paintstick,stecil and spray for working with them all.

In the background you see this lovely card of a quilt. And a thread bobbin and equipment to make a lamp. Follow the blog and you will see later on LOL

Another wonderful card of the most fabulous quilting I ever seen before. Of course this had won a price for best quilting!
I bought a pencil marker with thin end to use in stencils and quilting. I first read about it in Linda’s blog. At last I got his pelican scissors for machine appliqué

My jewels from the trip

I love boxes.

I have taken a lot of photos coming up soon.

4 kommentarer:

  1. So much goodies you brought home. Love to hear more about those scrap photos in frames. Looks fabulouse

  2. Heia.
    Det ser ut som om du har hatt en fantastisk tur...
    Har alltid ønsket meg en tur til Alsace, du er kjempeheldig. Fine ting har hatt med deg også!

  3. Looks like you had lots of fun, took great pictures and shopped until you dropped. By the way, I love boxes as well. Take care.

  4. Dette må ha vært litt av en tur!! Gleder meg til å følge fotografiene framover....


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