fredag 15. august 2008

The winner is..... Heather from Florida

Congratulation Heather

The winner is Heather on Send me your snail mail and I will send you a surprise........

Thanks every one for your comments in hte give away.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Congratulation`s Heather, be graet to see what you have won,
    Take care

  2. Congrats to Heather, Please post what you have won we you receive the post.
    Thanks Inger for hosting the giveaway


  3. Congratulations, Heather!
    I hope to see the lovely surprise Lise had for you!

  4. Hi, Love your blog and I am watching the Angels progress. I have added you to my blog list. Keep on posting!

  5. Everyone - I posted pictures of the lovely gift Lise sent on my blog Take a look !
    And thank you Lise for your generosity :-)


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