fredag 22. august 2008

My daughters christmas quilt

Detail from the filmstripe
Every quilt has a long label at the back telling the story of the quilt.They are made in EQ5 from the quilt top and printed out with text using fonts from Word.
The quilt back are made of flanell pieces.

This is my daugthers quilt. The second I maid. This quilt is my own design. I maid it in EQ5 and my daugther was togheter with me when we put the block composion together. She loves movies therefore the film stripe.... As a little girl she fell asleep all over so I had to put some photos in ...

I got some lovley pattern from Laila and Day-Day and 2 pieces of fabric from Denise(not blogger) in my mailbox.I'll post it when I come back

I'll be off internett for a week going for Turkey on holiday today.
See you soon

Happy quilting everyone.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. well done!

  2. Beautiful quilt. I love the idea for the label

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Gorgeous!! Love the label idea!!! Have a wonderful time away!!
    Hugs xxx

  4. Very pretty and I know will be treasured for years to come. I just love EQ6 and even if I am working from a purchased pattern or something from a magazine, I have to create it in EQ so I can play with colors.

  5. Så flott quilt du ¨har laget til din datter. Egen design!! Dette blir et minne for livet. Flott merkelapp bak, den skulle jeg gjerne lære å lage!
    Kos deg i Tyrkia, skulle ønske det var meg...

  6. What a lovely quilt. I love the idea of the photographs. It will be cherished for sure.

  7. Nydelig quilt du har laget til datteren din. God tur til Tyrkia, du rekker jo nesten bare hjem før neste tur.... Gleder meg til den:-)).

  8. What a lovely quilt. Your daughter will terasure that for life. Something made from the heart and given a s a gift.
    Have a great time in Turkey..

  9. Flott quilt du har laget til din datter. Liker baksiden godt også, er jo nesten like bra den :-)

  10. Hei hei. Titter innom for å hilse på. Så utrolig mye flott du har laget. Nydelig quilting til datteren din. jeg falt også veldig for quilteteppet med engler. Du godeste for et arbeid....beundringverdig.
    Kommer igjen og titter mer.
    Ha en fin dag. ;-)


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