fredag 11. juli 2008

Storybook Farm

Stabbursgjengen (The storehouse group) in front Hanne og Kirsten, back Me and Astrid sitting on the steps of my Storehouse/stabbur

Long time ago I started on the storybook farm together with Stabbursgjengen, but I never got finished up. I started so good got a lot prepared but so it stopped pronto. Astrid has made a couple of small quilt. I think it stopped for me because I didn’t know how to continue sewing it up. I don’t know if I know now either what to do. But this one has to be finished before I can start something new (I try) I love the photo of the quilt and for this I have a wall waiting for the quilt finish .I have three more small quilt in the big one to prepare and then I have a “problem” what to do next. Perhaps quilt as you go or hand stitch or what ever LOL I am not good in free hands quilting but perhaps this is what I have to do. It is Hoffman fabric and to hard to hand stitich for me ....

6 kommentarer:

  1. Oh these are just stunning!! I love the horse, cant wait to see more!!
    Hugs xxx

  2. Wow dette var jo helt nyderlig, dette må du få ferdig!
    Ser ut som om dere er en flott gjeng, quiltevenner er skjønne..

  3. These blocks are fabulous! You really have to finish this project - it will be such a gorgeous quilt1

  4. The blocks are wonderful and deserve to be finished. I hope you will have a finished project to show soon. I think I would machine quilt the project. I think you used batiks and they are hard to hand quilt.

  5. Heia
    disse var da søte :-)
    Kommer på no at noen slike blokker har eg og liggende -
    Smil fra monika

  6. This looks fantastic, so glad you are finishing it, looking forward to seeing the end result!!


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