torsdag 10. juli 2008

Fabric painting day

Today I went to visit my quilting friend Eva in Oslo. We had planned a day with experimenting fabric paint.

Eva in action

and me
I found many of my plain and dull fabric to bring with me on purpose to fix them up.

This is some of Eva,s plain fabric
Eva had order some thermo fax screens and along with my rubberstamp we started on an experimental day.
The longer the day went more experimental we become. We both agree that we love to play with colors

We gave each other a challenge after this day; for our quilt guild in the beginning of November we have to make an ART Quilt using some of the fabric we made today. So continuing is coming up LOL

3 kommentarer:

  1. What a fantastic idea!! Cant wait to see the Art Quilt. Hugs xxx

  2. What a great idea. Love the fabrics.

  3. Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun! Look forward to seeing your art quilt!


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