mandag 21. juli 2008

More Elverum

I have started cutting my blocks for the quilt.

I chose to cut the blocks in rectangles and some squares. The frames are also changed .I have taken the inner frame 1/4 smaller and the other ¼ wider.
I puzzle out the first squares.

Here is the first one finished

So far for this time

This gave me a real kick and the other angels too I think. They call me a fast stitcher and yes I got hocked up in it LOL. This doing, angels together is so giving

6 kommentarer:

  1. All your Angels look fantastic. So glad you joined in with my Blogging Sleepover. Hope you join in the next one.

  2. Love the colours you've used for your angels.

  3. Love the fabrics and the angels, wonderful work!

  4. Love the layout for your angels so far. The colours are lovely!! How sweet to see a picture of Anne Ida texting me lol Technology makes the world that much smaller!!
    Hugs xxx

  5. Great pictures of all the angels of the group. I especially love your colours and look forward to follow the process.

  6. Your angels are so gorgeous!! This will be a fabulous quilt! Is the top together yet? You know I'm cheering you on (even though your speed makes me hyperventilate *lol*)


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