mandag 21. juli 2008

Angels meeting in Elverum

I feel so privilege to know these lovely angels May Britt, Hanne, Anne Ida and Bjørg (no blogger). We had a new sleepover and together with Fiona too. It was so fun. I am filled with a lots of Q vitamins.
Hanne and I picked up Anne Ida in the morning and drove up to May Britt in Elverum. She had made “angels” buns to us. The buns have become our tradition, but they had to wait a little time before we could eat them here at the veranda.

There is a quilt shop in Elverum "Lille Stasjon"and of course we had to take a trip over before it closed for the day. We had to spend some money you know LOL

Hanne is always the first of us to blog and here you understand why…. She is blogging from her phone LOL

Anne Ida is shopping by phone contact with Rose in Australia to find the right measurement of fabric to a quilt. No friends are far away any longer in our technical world LOL

This weekend we meet Bjørg too and her angels. They are so gorgeous.

We spread out all our angels so far. What a lovely sight Haven’t we been doing a great job!!!!

6 kommentarer:

  1. What a great weekend we have. And love your photos of me on the much are I worth LOL

  2. You are incredible...absolutely fantastic!!! Well done Lise!

  3. Nydelige engler!!!
    Dere er kjempeflinke :)

  4. All those lovely angels, looks like you had a fun time away.

  5. Yep, we really had a wonderful weekend! That pic of MB on the money is so cool! And I had no idea you took a pic of me on the phone to Oz - that's so great ;o)

    It's so inspiring to have these stitch-togethers! I look forward to the next time we meet!

  6. What a wonderful time it must have been! I'm envious! I would love to meet those ladies too! They do such beautiful work, as you do too! Love the stitchery! Keep well!


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