søndag 22. juni 2008

Second day of stitching and some close up

This is what I have done the second cyber stitching day. Tomorrow I have to quilt it to do it all finished up. Hanne and I count our unfinished works and I am leading on. There were only to really UFO’.s the others are “fresh” UFO. Always starting on some thing new that comes along makes unfinished projects grow. But I have a plan and I know that in end of the year they shall not be many left if I try not to start a new one LOL

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  1. Så mysig Hanne och du verkar ha haft det på er sydag :) Jättefina blir era arbeten också. Själv har jag bara hunnit rita upp borderierna men ska försöka börja med någon av dem redan här i kväll..

    Lycka till med din bonad!


  2. So pretty Inger Lise. You have stitched up a storm....

  3. you have been very busy with the cyber stitching.......

  4. Lise...your stitcheries look wonderful from the Cyber stitching ...you did very well...love your advent calender and it looks like you and Hanne had a wonderful time (food looks yummy)

  5. You got to stitch for two days?
    How lucky. I love this projects.
    Lovely work.

  6. Your new wall hanging looks super good !

    Thanks for lovely days!

  7. I love this little quilt! Thank you for sharing, KalamaQuilts


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