lørdag 7. juni 2008

I found the cable at last

From red and yellow to white,what a diffrent it makes
I found the cable and transfer the photos to my computer. LOL. I have not used my DD camera before and I have taken film of the room. Now I have make it into photos and I hope it give a good view after all. I have the doors left on the new wardrobes but here my DD has to give me some help. I’m not strong enough to held it and place it at the same time. Here you have some glint of what I been doing the last three weeks. Now I plan a new quilt for the bed :-)This is before. Debbi Mum colors

This is now. I just love it

Old and new

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  1. Så fint soverommet ble. Lyst og lekkert. Nå har du funnet igjen kabelen, har lagt inn bilder av mye fint


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