lørdag 7. juni 2008

Doll making

In the blog to Stina I read about her doll she sew and I want to show you some of mine. I have done one of Tildas angles but these are something different.
I made them from bottom and they are made of porcelain. I used molds to make the dolls, gave them eyes and hair,paint them and made the clothes

The tapestry behind the dolls are a design from a famous artist in my area called Arne Lindaas.I made it a long time ago. I have done so many diffrent hobbies. But none has taken me so off as quilting has done.
Out in my storehouse I have some more dolls waiting for my children. I will give them one each some time. Then they can have them as a memory from one of many hobbies they have followed me through.

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