torsdag 8. mai 2008

My top is finished

Here is my towen . I live in the countryside, but I came from the city. Sometime I miss my towen where I growup But now I can crawl under my quilt soon and memory back and keep warm.
Detalj of the flower garden
Detalj of the sun in the top

I did it - My City quilttop is ready. This was so fun. Now I had to look for binding around the top and some backing.....

I used some old stach in my heaven and miss a bit of 5 1/2 inch so I had to mix the mountain top. I try to find some more so the top is what I realy want it to be. I have to finished all up in end of august togheter with Bjørg and Hanne, so there are still time to think how to quilt and seach for a piece of heaven.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Wohoo! You finished it!!! And it looks great!! Well done! Now I really look forward to seeing it all quilted and bound at show-and-tell :o)

  2. Its looking good...and precious....with a lot of memories...

  3. Så flott det ble! Jeg har alltid likt hus, og dette ble jo bare helt nydelig.

  4. You have done a great job!

  5. I wish I was as fast as you are :-)
    Well - to work - more trees to do for my quilt!

  6. Flott teppe Lise! vi kommer etter "om ikke så brått".


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