onsdag 30. april 2008


This pattern I got from Bjørg. In march I was in hospital for 14 days and I had to have some handiwork. The days are long at hospitals. But I made a stitchery and read a lot of new blogs. And lucky me .In the neighbour bed there came a quilter ,Synøve( soory)from Sarpsborg, so the talk was going. Now my stitchery is finished up. Isn't that hearthanger cute !

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  1. So sorry to hear you had to spend some time in hopital...hope all is well now...what a lovely stitchery...

  2. Heia, Peg sendte meg...
    Morsomt med nye norske bloggere. Gøy at du har begynnt å sy Civil War blokker. Har liksom akkurat skjønt at det er spennede. Det er jo så mange fine stoffer til dette prosjektet også....
    Nyderlig Bamser forresten!
    Quilt ivei.

  3. I love your stitchery! I love to embroider also. I added your blog to my Google Reader list. Hope you will check out my blog.

  4. Cute stitchery :-)

    The cell phone covers and the machine applique looks very good too.

    I am looking forward to Friday :-)

  5. You have lovely projects. I'm glad you are out of the hospital now.


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