tirsdag 15. april 2008

My result from class with Kari Renolen

The bag closed

The bag open
We are lucky to find some place to sit This is luggage for four quilters in a big car.
Sigrun og Bjørg the first day waiting for the outhers to come. Obvious they had some stichery while they are waiting
This is Wenche in her cottage.
Ragnhild,Gro and Hege. Just look how much snow there is!

Sixteen ladies went off for the weekend. Eight of us went to class to sew this bag with two zippers. The rest off them had the cars full off UFO to finishing. We had perfect sewing wheather snowing all weekend. We had fun,eating good food, and I got new friends from Lørenskog Quiltclub.

When you are out shopping and your bag is to small you open up the zippers and WHOLA you have a bigger bag!

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