søndag 6. april 2008


Today I was the lucky girl. For three days I have been in Lillestrøm for The Norwegian Quilt Association Event. We always have a lottery. One on saturday and one on sunday.Yesterday was so bussy for me , I forgot to buy some lottery ticket. The first I did in the morning at the Assosiation Event was to buy some. I won this Janome you can see in this the link. http://www.janome.no/?ItemID=2204
Aint I a lucky one!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Gratulerer! Så moro at du vant symaskin! :-) Så har du flere å velge i...

  2. Gratulerer! Nå trenger du kanskje ikke å kjøpe deg en ny symaskin, eller???

  3. I see that you visited my blog. I, in return, have come to visit you. Yes, I can see you are in the middle of making many houses. You do lovely work. I very much like the landscape type project you did from your class.
    Come again to visit.

  4. What a wonderful win ! The weekend sounds like a good one - lots of fabric.

  5. Hei. så det var du som vant symaskina. Heldiggrisen. Og du som akkurat hadde kjøpt deg ei ny ei samme dagen :)


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