tirsdag 22. september 2009

The win route in Alsac

alsace 070  It was so nice traveling around with arent car looking,stopping, driving to see more of the lovely places on te Win rout Look at all the birds ontop off the roof…they are taking place for the night::soon the roof will be full off them…and only on these three onealsace 064 alsace 066alsace 069 This wonderful garden was full of flowers in all color and just a view…….
alsace 067 We just had to taste some ….they were so tiny and full of taste The sweetes one I ever eaten in my life

 alsace 063alsace 068

2 kommentarer:

  1. På drueslang i Alsac. De er jammen modige :)))

  2. Hi Lise,
    Val d'Argent was so beautiful und of course in automn the win route is a very special highlight. It was nice to meet you and Merete in Ste. Marie. Best regards and I hope we will see us. Michaele


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