tirsdag 21. juli 2009

My Angel Garden all done

Some days with traveling stitches and some finishing up back home Whola…..this is what I have made……..

As you can see……….I am in the romantic mode for the time beeing……….Not to much pink but alot of cream and white.

I have a bedroom thats all emty after DS4 left home and now got his own flat….I am going to make this a nice white and cream dream for family and friends to sleepover in…… So today I start painting….a clock and a round table for the table runner………..it is a beginning

I have a problem with my blog…well some have…they cannot open it and it turns down the site when they try to open…I have the same problem with one other blog myself…is there anyone who knows what it is or where to fix the problem?

Have a nice stitching day to you all

Love Inger Lise

8 kommentarer:

  1. Your Angel Garden is beautiful! I had been having computer issues for a while, and my brother (who works on computers) told me to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox for my browser. I did that and haven't had one single problem since. You can find it at mozilla.com.

  2. Så fin den ble. Flotte farver :o)

  3. Eg har hatt same problemet og har skifta til Firefox, då slepp eg denne irritasjonen. Eg fann forresten ei oppskrift på å fikse problemet. Har ikkje prøvd det, men du finn den på denne bloggen http://tozzscorner.blogspot.com/ (posten er frå 20. juni)

  4. I have been having problems with typepad and can't open any typepad blogs but also with the blogspot blogs I am getting some errors.........have you upgraded from Explorer 7 to 8 cause that may be the problem........just waiting for my mate to uninstall Explorer 8.
    I got firefox but it made no difference to the typepad blogs and not sure about the blogspot blogs........will let you know......

  5. Nydelig broderi! - og bloggen din virker som før - hurra!

  6. Dette var bare kjempe nydelig :0)

  7. Så nydelig denne var! Det blir sikkert et delikat og fint rom.


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