torsdag 16. juli 2009

Hardanger, Aksnes

After seeing Bergen and Øygraden Agnete picked me up at the busstation in Bergen and went to her home Paradis….. Yes you read right… her ardress is Paradis in Bergen…..We staid there over hte night talking and eating…crabclaw…. catching up from last we met.

Then she took me to her cottage in Hardanger( Norheimsund) at Aksnes…it is a BEAUTY place…the view,the mountains… is Hardanger…..

Agnete is an open book of historys from the aera, the people living there and oldtimes….I love the hear her telling, showing and taking me to all these wonderful places… and she knows alot of artist making the most wonderful arts….we visit some….

See the afull album for more photos.

Here are some of the flowers I had to catch…

As I always do on my trips I had to buy a ceramiccup…bergen 123for my collection made by Torunn Øvsthus,Øystese.

Inger Lise

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