mandag 19. januar 2009

My knitting design

My Rømskog design jumper
This is one of my nearly 100 jumpers I have knitted in this design.
I all started in august 1988. I stumbled over a knitting machine after knitting jumpers for others by hand for many years. My family and I had been living in Sweden for some years and I had heard that they have had a contest for making a Rømskog jumper back home and wanted to make some for my children. I didn’t like the pattern when I saw it so I made my own design. Here started my knitting machine story…
Since that time I have been designing and knitting with my knitting machine .
But this jumper…my oh my.. it took all over for me.
It has been really fun with all respond of my design. The jumper has some story connecting to the community I live in.
The trees are for RømSKOG( means wood- forest)
The small marks…. Shall look like cowberry the woods are full of them here and our community are know by it
Then you have the Timber scissors: our coat-of-arms .

So here you have my story for the design.
I have made this jumper is lots of coloring and some also with moose leather and other different variations.

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  1. Gratulerer med 50 års dagen i dag! Håper du har hatt og får en knall fin dag! Snuppeline på Rubberstamps


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