onsdag 14. januar 2009

Machine knitting today

As some of you know I have a lot of hobbies and here is one more: machine knitting
Randi, one of my friends came to my house today to helping me out. I had made me a dress for a party and done some wrong. I had to start over again and lost some of the sparkling to continue.
She have made up here mind that this dress is going to be finished to my big day.
So today we have been working in my storehouse making the knitting finished, and Randi has taken the pieces back home to put them together for me.
My job is to finish some stash I am going to put one the dress.
Randi is really good in machine knitting and I love to learn from her. She is a really good teacher and a hack of a designer.
Thanks for all your help and all good words on the run today.
Randi you are one of a kind

3 kommentarer:

  1. My mum had a knitting machine many years ago, she did some great things on them,

    Take care

  2. Gleder meg til å se den ferdig. Tror kanskje du må ta deg en tur hit også så kanskje jeg også kommer i gang med strikkemaskina som står her...

  3. Tenker du gleder deg til å få en lekker, fiks ferdig strikke-kreasjon i hus. Vi får vel se deg i den en gang?


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