søndag 11. januar 2009

Big day is coming soon

Preparing the upcoming day in January my DD and two of my sons DS4 DS5 are working hard for me. This is going to be a big room where a lot of my visiting friends are going to sleep over on the big happening.

For me it looks like they really have a little time to get ready, but they keep saying it will be done. I have to believe them don’t I?

This room has standing untouched for many year now and I had trouble with mice, squirrel, bat and birds building nest inside the roof here. So I am glad he started on it and that I need it finished for my birthday. ……J

My DS4 is just finished his education as an electrician so he is helping me with electricity and DS5 is a really good helping hand for both of them.

So my friends ….I think it will be done in time for your arrival!!!!!!!!!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. This will be great. Looking forward to the big happening. And you know............A LOT can happens.

  2. When you say your men are "fixing up" a place for us to sleep, you REALLY means it! It is looking great, and if they say they'll be done, they probably will (fingers x'd). Looking forward to the big happening - it will be heaps of fun with so many girls of so different ages :o)


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