fredag 24. oktober 2008

A gift from Stina

Here in spring Stina and May Britt started this Angel club and I joined in. I love Angels special those with white wings …LOL. These girls had started on the quilt An Angels Story a time a go, and wanted to help them selves to reach some goals to get the quilt finish. The first one was to finish up stitching the angels. I hadn’t started jet but I turned around and started to sew.

The first goal was finishing the top before 1 October this year and Stina had a drawing for us who reached it. I with my luck I WON ……. What a surprise

This is what Stina send me in the mailbox. Isn’t I lucky……. a real nice pincushion to make.
Thanks a lot Stina for making me do this quilt and for joining in and for the lovely gift to me THANKS THANKS XOXOXOXOXOX to you!

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  1. Glad you liked the little pincushion kit...hope to see it finished son...hve one too..but havent started yet...but I will!!! ;o)
    And wow were so fast making that top ready!! Congrats!! :o)


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