lørdag 9. august 2008

Three lovely days in Tønsberg 98 post

This is my stitchery from the cyber day with norwegian text
I love the Loralie design and this is a new idea of using the ladies, a clock for the sewing room
Its me catching saltwater...LOL I haven't enough rusty things for my project ...My son told me to put it in saltwater so it could go faster...But I live by the countryside on a farm with frechwater So I had to take some with me home....(I,m just a little crasy)This time I went to Tønsberg taking the ferry all alone...And I am so proud of myself . I don't like them at all and I often got seasick. Not this time and one more step of doing what I don't really like, but need to cross over LOL
From Seaside of Horten on my way back home. Thanks for lovely days my friend !!!! I'll be back soon

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nå måtte jeg le - av deg og saltvannet!! Men det er riktig - eddik hjelper også...Gleder meg til å se resultatet!

  2. Yaa for you! Going it alone is great. I am 46 and I now consider myself a grownup! ;-) Cherrie

  3. Ååå så nyderlig lite broderi med quilt rundt. Kan du fortelle meg , hva er egentlig Cyberspace day??
    Jeg er bare kjempenysgjerrig...


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