mandag 4. august 2008

Story book is growing 94

The Story Book Farm is growing. I only miss to pieces of fabric to finish up the last block. My friend Astrid has those fabrics and she is coming home from holiday next week. Then I will visit her to get them and then I can start quilting. Wow I am not sure if I can do this well done, but I have to try. The yarning foot isn’t my best friend LOL

5 kommentarer:

  1. That is really beautiful! I can't wait until you start quilting it.

  2. This is beautiful. And what a great deal of work you done on it. Look forward to see it finished.

  3. My gosh this is amazing, I thought it was a painting when I first saw it.

  4. Så utrolig flott dette er. Er det virkelig laget med stoff? Det ser jo ut som et maleri! Lykke til med quiltingen, du er så flink så det går sikkert bra. :) Marit


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