søndag 29. juni 2008

More challange

This is my forth challenge the calendar with tinsel. I tried different color on the spangles before I end up with gold. The purple tread I use to stitch with was not the easiest to match. I am quilting the blue calendar now and I think this will be better because the spangles are same color as the main fabric. But that will be tomorrow evening to blog.Today is my husband’s birthday and all our children are coming home with their love ones for dinner and cake

3 kommentarer:

  1. Oh I love the purple. Looks beautiful. Happy Birthday to your husband. Hope you have a lovely dinner with the family.

  2. Du er ikke riktig, enda en fin adventskalender. De er fine alle sammen. Hils til Roar og gratuler han med dagen!

  3. Very nice....Happy Birthday to your DH andI hope you have a wonderful time with your family.


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