tirsdag 3. juni 2008

I am still here

Hi everyone

I am still here in blog land but it has to be without any photos, sorry.
My camera is out of work so I have taken some pictures with my DD camera. And there I met a new problem-He doesn’t know where his cable is for the computer to connect with the camera,
He has never used it.
So here I am looking everywhere J in meantime I write so you won’t forget I am here.

You see I am redecorating my bedroom. Because of my hands it is not going to fast but I am nearly there. I take a little step each day and finishing up a wall at the time. Now there are three shove doors left .Each door is part in two half tapestry and half paint. I have painted them all and have the wallpaper in the bottom left.
I have chosen latte as paint and streaky latte and white wallpaper.
It is a big different from Debbie Mom inspired yellow and red. I’ll give you some before and after photo when I find the cable

Today I will finish the doors. It feels so good. I have to lend me a car hanger. I will go to IKEA and buy me some new wardrobe. They have some very good solutions inside. Then a will make a really good tidying in the closets for me and my DD.

The best of all! Now I have a good reason to make my self a new quilt for the bed J I am thinking of something in cream, light browns and white. EQ6 here a come.
I show you from EQ when I am there.

Take care and happy quilting.
What a wonderful life.


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  1. Blir spennende å se resultatet av oppussings arbeidet, når du finner kabelen! Fargene du har tenkt på sengeteppet hørtes veldig fine ut.
    Hvis du går inn på bloggen min nå er det en link til den butikken vi var i. Det er ikke vanlige åpningstider, men det er bare å ringe. Fortsatt god oppussing!


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