onsdag 11. juni 2008

Advent Calenders

Here is a small photo of the blue one

I know it is summer in Norway. But when I first started on these I was not abel to stop. It is so easy to take with you. In these football times when my DD and his father are looking at TV I can stay in the living room with them. I hear the TV and sew. The red calendar my daughter got to her birthday, the blue one is a secret present jet and the one in lilac and grey I do think I will have for me.
The blue I need to find some blue Christmas hearts to put one or do I take plain blue. I haven’t decided jet. Blue pearls and pallets are going in the blue calendar after I have sewed the hearts on. This one is going to have this bling look.

The grey and lilac is made of Japanese fabric. I think it will be special.

This is the fabric i have chosen for the jananese calender
I started to day drawing up 6

Now they are done and I have started on the next 6.Stichery is so fun LOL

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3 kommentarer:

  1. You are really going as the wind with both the stitcheries and the CWD blocks :-)

  2. Looks like you have realy been hooked on this :o) They look wonderful!!! I love the fabrics you have picked for the purple and grey!

    Just a thought: How about appliquéing stars instead of hearts on the blue one?

    Take care hand have fun!

  3. Love your CWD blocks!!! Your stitcheries are so sweet!!!! Love the fabrics you have picked!!!!
    Hugs xxx


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