mandag 12. mai 2008

My friend Hanne

Hanne and I are stiching this togehter.A nice stichery to bring with us to our lokal quiltgroup.

Hanne had this cute sewing pocket to her stuff. So she mailed me her pattern so I could make it too. This is for my stichery projects
Inside with two pockets and a holder for my scissors .

Since I met Hanne I have started alot of new projects. She has given me a lot of inspiration and ideas for new projects. I have been a quilter for32 years now ,still I find it exiting with new projects. And do you know... there are a bunch of ideas in my head to come out soon.Here you can see two of them. One all done and one there are some more to do. It started with this lovely calender in stichery. All twelve are done now. I have startede on the hearts. They I stich with freezepaper in nice red fabrics. I'm not that good with goals but my list of UFO is not growing this month :-) I have a list and now there are about 11 more to go LOL. Thanks Hanne you are a source of inspiration!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Mange fine prosjekt du har på din side:-)
    Ha en fin og kreativ uke.
    Her i nord snør det i dag:-( så det er fint sy maskin vær:-)

  2. Tusen takk for hyggelige ord :-)
    Det er koselig og inspirerende å sy sammen med deg og Bjørg også !

  3. Ideas, if only we had the time to do them all, thanks for stopping by my blog I am going to bookmark yours I will visit often.

  4. I love blogland for the motivation and progress i have made on my sewing.........nothing is impossible in blogland as there is always someone to ask if you are having a problem or to inspire you to make something else

  5. That's such a cute stitchery pocket! Hanne is a great inspiration, isn't she :o)
    Love your other stitcheries, too! Great job!


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